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We need a new server to revive if all the admins have not left the fourm

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New server plz,The last one was a one in a septilion[septilion is a realy big number}This server satisfiad me the most

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Well im here

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We need a new server,happy not everyone left

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4 New Server on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:31 am

Yep, bring it back

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bring the server back mini!
I know you get the emails from this.

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I am not the only one! yay

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until we get a new server we need to group somewhere on another server

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I have brought up a server meant to be very similar to SNS. The server shares many rules with sns, and even has the same features such as mcmmo, real-estate, and sign shop.
Here's the IP is you guys want to join.

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